Why Bees?

About Vivify Counseling and Wellness

You might be wondering why a counseling office has a logo of a bee and a mountain. It’s OK — we  get that a lot. But to us, it makes perfect sense! ​Vivify means “to endow with life or renewed life.”  Therapy can vivify broken, anxious, and unsettled spaces in your heart. ​Fundamentally, ​our purpose is to help our clients bring life to parts of themselves that need it, and accomplish the goals they aspire to. Those goals may feel like a mountain to climb and overcome,​ and it often can’t be done alone​.

Accomplishing them may require significant changes to be made; a process of metamorphosis like bees experience. Additionally, Neuroscience is rapidly increasing our understanding of the human brain’s neuroplasticity and our ability to actually rewire our brains to think and behave differently; bees have actually been found to ​reverse the ageing of their brains​ by changing social roles and doing different work. We think those little bees are fascinating and a great example of hard work and perseverance despite environmental challenges!

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